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How to Close the Gap Between What You Know and What You Believe

I am watching the Matthew McConaughey The Art of Living Live Event right now and there was something that stuck out to me on the chat. It was a statement that said, "I don't believe what I know."

This is so often the cause of our pain and suffering, and I say that because of my own personal experience. I have always been on a path of seeking and trying to understand and what I found was that the more I built my conscious awareness, the bigger the gap was between my "knowing" and my subconscious beliefs. That gap was the cause of many experiences in which I said, "I know better... why did I do that... AGAIN!?"

As I grew to understand everything from attachment styles to enneagram numbers and personality types to trauma, it allowed me to deeply understand my self and others, but what it didn't do was allow me to have more peace inside my system. In fact, it caused more chaos in my body and more discomfort in my relationships. My conscious knowing was infuriating me rather than supporting me... so I thought.

I was about two and a half years into therapy and every other week I would sit with my therapist (I had a few over the years) and I would talk about the burdens I was carrying. I would explain how I didn't have the relationships I desired and I was looking for answers of how to heal them, and feel better in my own existence. My therapists would give me suggestions and I found myself saying, "yea, I tried that... what else?"

During that time, I had discovered Human Design. It was the first thing that I found on my path that deeply resonated and empowered me to implement strategies that felt empowering. It didn't "solve" my relationship issues, but it did give me a deeper and more accurate understanding of myself and others which I really appreciated! On the morning of January 20, 2021, I was listening to The Human Design podcast with an interview by a women named Elli Richter. I wasn't even half way through the podcast when I thought, "This is it! This is the missing puzzle piece!"

I was relieved!

Elli was talking about the subconscious mind and where we hold our beliefs that rule 95% of our day. She was talking about a modality that I never heard of called PSYCH-K. I immediately found her website, filled out a form, and scheduled a discovery call. I remember EXACTLY where I was when we talked. It was like I found a truth that I knew deep in my soul was the answer to my questions. I bought four sessions and started my transformation process that next week.

Since then, I have closed the gap between my knowing and my belief system. I have identified what I "knew" and rewired my beliefs so they were aligned. I realized through my own transformation that I have all the answers.... I just needed someone to guide me in HOW to transform my reality. I have so much gratitude for the universe guiding me to that path and for my soul persisting for the answers I was seeking rather than giving up and thinking — or believing — that "this is just the way it is, so I will learn to get used to it."

What I know is that our subconscious minds are always trying to keep us safe. It isn't "online" to witness our conscious knowing or to integrate it, but what I also know is that it is possible to easily, gently, and effectively rewire our beliefs so we can BELIEVE what we KNOW.

If you are looking to close the gap and up-level your subconscious beliefs, schedule a discovery call with me or book a Rapid Rewire session.

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