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Welcome to the Next Generation of Athletic Performance Enhancement!


My unique method is not just about improving athletic performance; it’s about preparing your athletes for life’s challenges, enhancing their well-being, and aligning their natural talents with their roles on and off the field.

DID YOU KNOW 95% of Our Lives Are Governed by the Subconscious Mind—Yet It Remains the Most Underutilized Resource in Athletic Performance.

Unlock the true potential of your athletes by tapping into this powerful reservoir with strategies that no one else is using. I'm here to help you harness the vast capabilities of the subconscious system, opening the door to unprecedented athletic and personal achievements and success.

Revolutionize Performance: A Unique Triad of Energetics, Subconscious Mastery, and Conative Insight for Athletic Enhancement

Transform your team with proven strategies that promote peak performance, resilience, and personal growth. Experience the powerful impact of a holistic coaching approach that prepares coaches and athletes for success in all aspects of life.

Here’s what sets my theory apart:

  • Tailored Assessments: We use the Kolbe Index and the human design system to understand each athlete's intrinsic strengths and natural problem-solving abilities so we can position them to more effectively contribute to your team’s success.

  • Subconscious Reprogramming: With techniques from subconscious healing modalities like PSYCH-K, The Emotion Code, and the Body Code, we address deep-seated mental and physical barriers, enhancing resilience and performance as well as reducing injuries and increasing recovery times. 

  • Holistic Development: Strategies encompass physical healing, mental resiliency, and emotional health, ensuring a well-rounded approach to athlete development.

  • Life-Enhancing Skills: Equip your athletes with skills and information that foster stronger relationships, greater career readiness, and increased personal fulfillment.


Anticipated Outcomes:

  • Healthier, More Resilient Players and Teams: Expect reduced injury rates and quicker recovery times through our focus on emotional and mental health.

  • Elevated Performance Metrics: Prepare to see marked improvements in speed, agility, and overall game performance.

  • Enhanced Satisfaction and Well-being: Our program boosts athletes' confidence and satisfaction, transforming their overall life experience.

What if your players could enter every competition with a clear mind, a healthy body, and a calm confidence? They would be unstoppable. 

Click on the proposal below for more information: 

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