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Turn Chaos into Connection — Let's Play!

I was on a client call today and she has been trying to manage the chaos that inevitably happens as her kids play and things escalate.

Has this ever happened to you? You're watching your kids play, the laughter's escalating, and you can just feel it—things are about to go from fun to frantic. Then you go into fight, flight, freeze and all you want to do is shut it down but it doesn't work.

The first step is to transform the stress around this situation with a PSYCH-K balance. This allows us to come to peace and non-attachment when we are met with this situation in the future. It allows us to come into homeostasis and turn on our creative problem-solving brain!

What we want to do is step in between the children and suggest a new game to redirect the energy with a playful attitude. With siblings, it is important that you play games where they can team up against you so you don't create more competitiveness.

Let's dive into some creative, easy games that you can initiate, transforming potential clashes into cooperative fun where the kids join forces against you!

1. Treasure Hunt Team-Up

Imagine a game where your living room turns into an adventurous landscape, dotted with mysterious clues that lead to a hidden treasure. The catch? The clues require your kids to work together to solve them—think puzzles that need more than two hands or riddles that need their combined knowledge. And here you are, the playful pirate trying to beat them to the treasure! This game not only sucks up all that boisterous energy but also teaches them the power of teamwork.

2. Superhero Saves

Every child dreams of being a superhero, and you can make that dream a reality. Create a scenario where your kids are the only ones who can save the day from the evil villain (that’s you!). Set up simple, safe obstacles around the house—a pillow fort that needs building to protect them from your "evil spells", or a series of boxes that have to be stacked to reach the "antidote" to save the city. It's engaging, it's active, and it's a blast for everyone involved.

3. Hide and Seek - With a Twist!

Classic hide and seek always works, but here’s the twist—once everyone is hidden, you have to find and tag them, but they can move spots if they think they can sneak past you! This version keeps everyone on their toes, encourages strategic thinking, and burns off excess energy.

4. The Sock Game

This game is simple yet hilariously entertaining. Put a pair of socks on your hands, and your mission is to keep them on. Meanwhile, your kids’ mission is to pull them off before you can tag them. It's a wonderful way to engage in playful combat, improve their motor skills, and have heaps of laughter together.

There are many other fun and creative ideas you can do, but the point is to redirect the energy and avoid the chaos while building connections and having fun! If you need help transforming the state of overwhelm in to calm in moments like this, book a call with me!

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