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Guiding Trish to Self-Discovery and Career Alignment Through Human Design and Kolbe

As someone deeply immersed in the transformative power of Human Design and the Kolbe system, I recently had the privilege of guiding an incredible journey of self-awareness and professional growth for Trish.

I've known Trish for over 10 years and she transitioned from a solopreneur who owned her own floral arrangement business into marketing a few years ago. She was seeking advice for furthering her skill set and marketing career but didn't know where to start. Before I could offer my suggestions I explained that I first needed to understand her energetic makeup and instinctual problem solving process. I explained that I use a system called Human Design and the Kolbe assessment to uncover what these were and it would serve as the foundation of our conversation.

Trish, like many, had a sense of skepticism about Human Design but had a genuine need for clarity in navigating workplace relationships. My goal was to illuminate who she is as at her core and leverage her natural strengths in a way that would not only harmonize her work relations but also align her career trajectory with her true essence and natural gifts.

The process I guided her through was one of deep exploration and revelation. Through Human Design, I aimed to offer Trish a blueprint of her psychological and energetic makeup. This wasn't just about uncovering the layers of who Trish is; it was about providing her with practical strategies to enhance her interactions with others and navigate the professional world with greater ease and confidence.

I then integrated Trish's Kolbe score into our second session, I sought to pinpoint the types of roles within organizations where she would not only succeed but thrive. The Kolbe system focuses on understanding one's natural instincts and how these can be directed towards productive and fulfilling work. For Trish, identifying her innate strengths and how to promote them in her job search was crucial. It will empower her to target opportunities that resonate with her natural mode of operation, thereby increasing her effectiveness and job satisfaction.

Trish's feedback post our sessions was extremely profound and reaffirms the value of this work:

"I recently embarked on a journey into the realm of Human Design, guided by Victoria, and it has been nothing short of revolutionary. As someone who had never heard of Human Design before, I was initially skeptical, but my struggles with workplace relationships led me to seek help and explore new options. From the moment I shared my information with Victoria, I was unprepared for the profound insights and revelations that awaited me.
Victoria's expertise and empathy made the experience deeply enriching. What struck me most was the level of self-understanding I gained; it was like uncovering layers of myself I never knew existed. Discovering that Victoria is also a projector added an extra layer of relatability, making her guidance even more impactful.
Thanks to Victoria's invaluable insights, I now feel equipped to navigate my work life with newfound clarity and purpose. I am immensely grateful for her guidance, which has set me on a path of self-discovery and personal growth. If you're seeking to understand yourself better and make positive changes in your life, I highly recommend embarking on this transformative journey with Victoria.

My connection with Trish was underscored by my own identity as a projector in Human Design. This added a layer of relatability and depth to our sessions because I operate in a similar way. This shared experience fostered a unique bond and a safe space for vulnerability, validation and genuine growth.

For anyone standing at the crossroads of personal uncertainty and professional dissatisfaction, I offer this story as a testament to the transformative power of understanding your unique design and leveraging your natural strengths. The journey with Trish is a glowing example of possibility for all seeking to align their careers with their core selves.

If you're ready to deepen your self-awarness and professional fulfillment, I invite you to explore the transformative potential of Human Design and Kolbe with me. Together, we can unlock the layers of your true self and align your professional journey with your innate strengths and purpose.

Let's navigate this transformative journey together and set you on a path of self-awareness, personal growth, and career success! Apply to work with me here.

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