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Subconscious Integrative Coaching

Remember who you were meant to be + Reclaim your innate strengths + Rewire liming beliefs that stand in your way + Rise into your full potential! 



Discover the validating system of Human Design and align with how you are designed to be. Human Design aids us in remembering who we truly are. It shows us how to make the most aligned decisions for our own unique path motivating us into action. 



Transform your limiting beliefs and disempowering perceptions with PSYCH-K subconscious reprogramming. There are beliefs that are standing in your way from rising into your greatest potential and we uncover and rewire them to create a supportive foundation.



Rediscover how you naturally problem solve and optimize your mental energy with the Kolbe Assessment. This system provides a four number M.O. illuminating your strengths and is the biggest predictior to whether or not you will be successful in a role. 



Every individual holds innate superpowers—traits and abilities that, when aligned and unleashed, can lead to extraordinary achievements, success, and satisfaction. My integrative approach helps you reclaim these powers and rise into your full potential!


Victoria Richardson aka “The Rapid Renegade”  is a wise and brilliant practitioner.


She uses her deep understanding of Human Design and the Rapid Release Psych-K method (a technique that releases and reprograms the subconscious mind without retraumatizing the system) to free up the mind, relax the nervous system and create fast and lasting change.


Victoria has a beautiful heart, playful spirit and keen sense of humor--I love to work with her and always feel immediately better and uplifted after our sessions.

Jill Smith | California

Hi! I'm Victoria, your soul activator!


I believe that everyone has the potential for extraordinary personal growth and fulfillment... My mission is to help individuals unlock this potential by helping them understand and align with their unique energy, rewire limiting beliefs, and embrace their innate strengths.
I'm driven by the knowing that when people live in harmony with their true selves, they can create lives that are not only successful but deeply satisfying and truly authentic.

Consider me your guide to remembering — and reclaiming — who you were designed to be so you can rise into your full potential.

You truly deserve a magical life full of miracles; let's work together so you can live it! 

Victoria — The Rapid Renegade


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Intro to Human Design Recorded Call — Free!

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Human Design

Type + Strategy Guides

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New Moon Manifestation Workbook + Journal Prompts

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ChatGPT Guides for each Human Design Type + Profile

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