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A program like you've never experienced...

A powerful 1:1 container where I will guide you through a profound healing and awakening journey — activating your soul and providing the awareness, empowerment and liberation you need to live your best fucking life!

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Liberate yourself

I don't believe healing — and achieving inner peace and safety — needs to take years and thousands of dollars. I help you take advantage of the most effective and efficient methodologies, protocols, and systems that I have found so you can make lasting changes and move on with living a life you love!


Sure, you might look like you have it all together on the outside, but you're still experiencing painful patterns, frustrating relationship dynamics, inner turmoil, and feeling stuck but not sure why. You might have physical soreness, pain, or have been diagnosed with a particular disease. You might be prioritizing others over yourself or people pleasing, staying small, or experiencing bitterness or resentment.

You deserve more. You deserve joy. You deserve calm. You deserve health. You deserve happiness. You deserve to put your self first and live life on your own terms. You deserve to have inner peace and ultimate satisfaction. You deserve everything you desire. 

I help you discover the root cause of the issues that are plaguing you so you can heal them from the source. I integrate a variety of tools and modalities because no two clients are ever the same. You are a multi-faceted, highly unique individual and I help you activate your power with a personalized approach. Live the life you desire by consciously reprogramming your disempowering beliefs, removing stress, and releasing the stuck emotions that hold you back!


 If you're ready, I got you! 


Victoria Richardson aka “The Rapid Renegade”  is a wise and brilliant practitioner.


She uses her deep understanding of Human Design and the Rapid Release Psych-K method (a technique that releases and reprograms the subconscious mind without retraumatizing the system) to free up the mind, relax the nervous system and create fast and lasting change.


Victoria has a beautiful heart, playful spirit and keen sense of humor--I love to work with her and always feel immediately better and uplifted after our sessions.

Jill Smith | California

Hi! I'm Victoria, your soul activator!

I help you quickly and gently gain the freedom you desire so you can live a life beyond your wildest dreams! Consider me your guide to remembering — and reclaiming — who you were designed to be. You truly deserve a magical life; let's work together so you can live it! 

Victoria — The Rapid Renegade


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Gain the inner peace you're seeking. 

A dynamic virtual healing session using the wisdom of the subconscious mind to guide us through belief changes, identifying and releasing stuck emotions, and energetically balancing misalignments in the body. This powerful session not only creates new neural pathways for a more empowered perception of life, but it also creates more peace and harmony in the body. 

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Additional Services


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Intro to Human Design Recorded Call — Free!

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Human Design

Type + Strategy Guides

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New Moon Manifestation Workbook + Journal Prompts

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ChatGPT Guides for each Human Design Type + Profile

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