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Afternoon Light


The Rapid Renegade

PSYCH-K + Human Design + Workbooks

you deserve to love an inspiring life

I work with people who want to claim radical responsibility for their lives and upgrade limiting beliefs that stand in their way of living a magical life. By combining Human Design and PSYCH-K® subconscious reprogramming, I help my clients connect to who they truly are, release what no longer serves them, and create supportive beliefs so they can actualize their full potential!


I personally recommend starting with Rapid Rewire so we can create more mental and emotional safety and space for you to create a life you love. Then, you can move into Rapid Realign and learn about your Human Design blueprint and your unique energetics. You can then take it one step further and participate in Rapid Reclaim where we will use PSYCH-K with your Human Design to speed up your deconditioning process, embody your design, and activate your full potential!

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