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The Rapid Renegade


Eliminate conditioning, create alignment, and activate your full potential!

They say the Human Design deconditioning process takes about seven years, but I truly believe you can speed that up by upgrading limiting beliefs and purging conditioning with subconscious reprogramming. Many people in their Human Design experiment are deconditioning through conscious awareness, but my goal is to use the power of subconscious beliefs changes and lifting stuck emotions to support you and speed up your process.


I help you rapidly decondition and embody your design so you can life a full authentic life with less resistance. By leveraging your Human Design blueprint as a roadmap, we can uncover the wisdom from your centers, gates, and channels while releasing disempowering beliefs and replacing them with supportive statements that fully align with your energy. 

Through the use of your birth data — including time, date, and place of birth — we will create your unique Human Design blueprint. We will do a deep dive into your energetics and use PSYCH-K® to remove any limitations or roadblocks in living in full alignment. Our open centers are prone to conditioning, but we can use them easily identify what is yours and what you picked up along your human journey. We will gently and easily upgrade your subconscious system so you can live an inspiring and uniquely divine life! 

How does this work?

We can partner for six month or 12 months and we will meet for one hour per month — giving you time to integrate and experiment with each phase of the process. We will dissect your chart, test your subconscious beliefs, and create/ integrate new belief statements that will support you moving forward. The sessions are yours and we can work on whatever you feel is most impactful for you to live an aligned and inspired life using your unique design as our map! 

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