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The Rapid Renegade


You're unique blueprint...

I help you connect with your authentic self, intuition, and unique strengths so you feel empowered to embody your gifts and activate your full potential. Someone said, "It's like a map for your Aura or your Soul!" and yes! That is EXACTLY what it is! 

Through the use of your birth data — including time, date, and place of birth — I generate your Human Design blueprint. By understanding your Human Design, you can easily connect with your unique gifts and talents, as well as gain clarity on your purpose in life. You'll learn how you're designed to make decisions that align with your soul's highest purpose and avoid patterns of behavior that may be limiting or draining. Human Design can provide guidance on how to improve relationships, both personal and professional, by understanding and respecting the unique energy types and strategies of others.


Human Design is a system that combines ancient wisdom with modern science to provide a unique blueprint of an individual's unique gifts, talents, and strengths. It is based on the principles of astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, the chakra system and blends the ancient wisdom with new-age systems and science like Quantum Physics, Biochemistry, and others.

Human Design is a powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery, providing individuals with insights and strategies to live a more fulfilling life that is aligned with their true nature.

What is a Human Design session like?

In a Human Design session, we will connect on zoom or Google Meet and walk through your individual report; you will receive the PDF and a call recording after our call for your reference. The report includes information about the Human Design system and terminology, your type, strategy, authority, how to protect your energy, traps to avoid, your profile, and digestion information.

As a Human Design guide, I act as your translator and will help you understand this new language so you can clearly articulate how you're designed to operate, communicate, and make decisions. I will provide easy strategies that are easy to implement which help you honor and lean into your design so you can easily make aligned decisions. You deserve to share your unique gifts with the world, this blueprint provides your roadmap in how to easily and effectively do so! 

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