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The Rapid Renegade


Soul-Aligned Remote Healing

Ready for a transformative experience without the need to schedule time? Rapid Reflections is a unique offering where I embark on a subconscious healing journey on your behalf. With the powerful PSYCH-K Messages protocol, I tap into the realm of higher consciousness using your higher self to guide me in a variety of healing modalities including PSYCH-K, The Emotion Code, The Body Code, and Oracle Cards. 

Here's how it works: you simply share with me a specific condition or situation you'd like to address. For instance, you want to focus on your career or a diagnosis you're experiencing. I then connect with your higher self and spirit team, opening a sacred space and a channel for divine guidance. Through this process, I receive profound insights about the beliefs that need integration within the seven categories of change including: 

  1. grief and loss

  2. self-esteem

  3. relationships

  4. spirituality

  5. personal power

  6. prosperity

  7. health and body

Once I've received the messages, I balance and integrate them on your behalf, working on a subconscious and super conscious level. I'll provide you with an email that outlines the messages and my reflections, giving you the tools to dive deep into the insights. The beauty of Rapid Reflections is that you have the freedom to read and integrate the messages at your own pace.

To support your journey of integration, I'll also provide you with action steps. These steps empower you to actively engage with the transformation process, allowing you to fully embody the new beliefs on all levels – subconscious, conscious, and super conscious!

With Rapid Reflections, you have the power to unlock your true potential and create profound shifts in your life, all within your own time and space. Are you ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery and transformation? Let's dive in and uncover the wisdom that awaits you!

Thank you so much for this incredible experience! I have completed the action steps for each of the messages and was amazed at how open my mind was to working through them.
Over the past few days since my session I have literally felt blocks that I have struggled with for several years to clear on my own just disappear!  This was truly one of the most powerful experiences that I have ever had and I am so truly grateful that I found you!
I look forward to working with you and your beautiful energy again in the future! 

Rena | Texas | Rapid Reflections

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