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Why I Rebranded from Aligned + Designed to The Rapid Renegade: A Personal Journey of Transformation

For the past couple of years, I’ve gone by the name Aligned + Designed. It was a beautiful name that resonated deeply with me, and I felt like it perfectly embodied my journey of Human Design and helping others align to their designs. However, once I started integrating PSYCH-K subconscious reprogramming into my work, I took a step back and reassessed what I actually help people do. The answer was clear: I help people rapidly transform.

I absolutely love alliteration, and I was on the hunt for the perfect name to represent my work. And then it hit me: The Rapid Renegade. Renegade has many meanings, but the one that resonates with me is the modern usage. As I read that “a ‘renegade’ can be used to describe someone who rebels against authority, conventions, or social norms. It can also refer to someone who is unconventional or nonconformist in their beliefs or behavior,” I knew that it was me. I’ve always been someone who has carved out my own path and pushed against old ways of thinking. I’ve always sought out the quickest and most effective ways to heal, grow, and thrive. And now, I help my clients do the same.

By integrating my various tools with my expertise in Human Design and PSYCH-K, I help my clients rapidly transform so they can make the most out of life and achieve their dreams. I inspire them to dream even bigger and provide the roadmap and support they need to get there. I’m a renegade in the sense that I don’t believe in following the same old formula for success. I believe in doing things differently and creating new paths to success.

So why the rebrand? I wanted a name that more accurately reflected what I do and who I am. The Rapid Renegade is a name that feels like home to me. It speaks to my passion for helping others rapidly transform and break free from the limitations that hold them back. It’s a name that inspires me to keep pushing forward, to keep challenging the status quo, and to keep helping my clients create lives that they truly love.

In the end, The Rapid Renegade is more than just a name. It’s a reflection of my values, my approach, and my commitment to helping others create lives that they love. I’m excited to see where this new name takes me and the people that I work with. If you’re ready to break free from old patterns and create a life that you truly love, I’m here to help you do just that. Join the Rapid Revolution and let's be renegades together!


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