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Hello and welcome! I am so happy you found me and I hope that the information that I share will be valuable and transformative. I discovered Human Design in early 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. It was the first time that I truly felt seen. I remember asking Julia — the girl who did my reading — how it was that she was able to know so much about my inner workings without knowing me at all.

That started a two and a half year journey down a rabbit hole that I am still exploring. As I looked back at my first experience with learning about my design, I thought it would have been helpful if I had a guide or PDF that I could reference after my call. The call was recorded, which was great, but I was so inspired to learn more and didn't know where to start.

Over the last couple years, I have distilled the information that I discovered and provide a custom report to every one of my clients. The calls can be a but overwhelming so I like to provide a roadmap you can refer back to.

I am a 4/1 Splenic Projector and discovering how my energy works was GAME CHANGING! It explained my entire childhood, why I got fired from jobs — because I was providing my unsolicited advice and that is a BIG no, no for a projector, provided a language for me to articulate how I felt on the inside, and illuminated what is important to me and how I learn best. Over time, I discovered what environments suit me best, how my digestion works, and what my natural gifts are. I am diving deeply into my open centers and starting my deconditioning process.

I share what I learn along the way and my hope is to bring you information that can be easily integrated into your life. I hope to provide you with the strategies that tune you into your body's intelligence, connect you to your intuition, and allow you to live with more ease.

Thank you for coming along this journey with me and I hope to meet you in person — or through zoom — at some point.



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