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Upgrade Your Operating System with PSYCH-K: My Personal Transformation

Updated: Mar 6

As someone who has always been interested in personal growth and self-improvement, I had tried many different methods and techniques over the years. When I first heard about PSYCH-K, I had a sense of excitement and curiosity. It was like a light bulb went off and I thought, "That's it! This is the missing puzzle piece!!"

I had been in traditional talk therapy for about a year at the time. As I continued explaining my frustrations and resentment, my therapist would give me suggestions in how to handle it but I already tried it all... I realized I wasn't getting the support I need to cultivate a life of more peace.

I knew that I wasn't in the mindset that I desired to be in. I was normally full of life and optimism. I'd say I lived life in full vibrant color, but at the time I was feeling the exact opposite. I knew I didn't want to continue feeling the way I was and knew there had to be a better solution than what I was experiencing.

I was looking for something that could help me close trauma loops, create healthier relationships, and break patterns that were holding me back. I knew that I had painful patterns and behaviors that I was ready to release... I was ready to make a positive and impactful changes so I could get back to my optimistic self. Then I heard an interview with Elli Richter, a PSYCH-K facilitator, and it seemed like the perfect solution!

I worked with Elli for about a year and I was in awe at how quickly and easily we were able to identify and reframe my limiting beliefs and close the trauma loops I had been on for years. She was able to surrogate muscle testing and walk me through the techniques to communicate directly with my subconscious mind, which is where many of our beliefs and behaviors are stored.

As we worked through the process, I felt a sense of liberation, freedom, and empowerment. It was like I had been carrying around a heavy burden for years, and now I was finally able to let it go. I felt more hopeful and optimistic and I knew that I finally found the tools to create the life I truly loved. I noticed an internal shift after the very first session and I remember telling Elli something like, "That was worth all of the money I spent to purchase a bundle just for that one session!"

Over time, I continued to integrate these new beliefs into my daily life with ease. I noticed significant changes and shits in the way I experienced life. I was more confident, peaceful, and inspired than ever before. I was able to let go of old patterns and behaviors that no longer served me and create new, positive beliefs that helped me find joy and live in alignment with what I truly desire.

As I continued to experience the benefits of PSYCH-K, I knew that I wanted to share this powerful process with others. I decided to become a certified facilitator myself so that I could help others upgrade their own operating systems and create the life they truly wanted.

Now, as a PSYCH-K facilitator, I feel incredibly grateful to be able to witness the transformation that my clients experience. It's an honor to be able to help others overcome their limiting beliefs and create a life that is more peaceful, joyous, and inspired.

I facilitated a session with one of my friends and she kept saying, "THIS IS CRAZY!" The truth is that it seems crazy because of how quickly and effectively it shifts your thoughts. We all know that our beliefs form our thoughts and our thoughts form our words, actions, and bahaviors. Change your beliefs and the rest magically change - so I guess it is crazy lol.

If you're looking for a way to upgrade your own operating system and create lasting change in your life, I can't recommend PSYCH-K enough. It truly is the missing puzzle piece that can help you create the life you've always wanted.

Want to discover if this could be a beneficial tool for you? You can book a 20 minute discovery call with me. where we can talk through what you think is holding you back and learn about how PSYCH-K can help you overcome those obstacles so you can live an inspired life!

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