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It’s time to let yourself roar: Leo New Moon Manifestation Workbook

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Leo New Moon Manifestation Workbook

This Leo new moon brings an opportunity for deep introspection and this New Moon Manifestation Workbook will guide you in the process. There is a strong gravitational pull towards our inner shadows - the parts of ourselves we have suppressed or rejected. Rather than flee from these shadows, we must embrace them with courage and compassion. Our shadows hold great wisdom, if we have the bravery to look. The darkness is just as important as the light and until we face our shadows, they will continue to chase us.

What has this moon cycle revealed within you? For me, it has highlighted my avoidance around budgeting and finances. I have long trusted that money would work itself out, without examining my spending or savings habits. But true wealth requires intention. How can I build financial stability if I don't track my money mindfully?

My friend Jenna wisely noted that we can't enjoy the final dish without appreciating the ingredients that created it. Similarly, I cannot expect wealth without engaging in budgeting and tracking my finances. This moon, I commit to facing my money shadows. I will approach this healing work with self-love and patience and I encourage you to do the same.

What is begging to be brought into your light? What wisdom are your shadows waiting to share? Now is the time for courageous self-reflection. Don't flee from the darkness - with compassion, you can illuminate your shadows and integrate their gifts into your whole self. This new moon, wholeness awaits.

If you need guidance diving into the shadows, this journal is a great starting point.

My new moon manifestation workbook is now available to download and it is best to write down your wishes AFTER the new moon peaks today at 2:38am PST. There's no dream is too grand under this New Moon!

Be bold. Take up space. Happy manifesting!

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