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Interview: Life Coach Code

I recently received an invitation to be interviewed by the Life Coach Code and they shared the article titled:

How to Break Your Barriers and Unleash Your Power and Freedom.

They write, "Victoria Richardson is one of the coaches that we found this month and we did a little interview with her. She impressed us with her positive personality and creativity.

She was born with an innate gift for guidance. She embarked on a coaching career fueled by a relentless passion for understanding human nature and empowering individuals to recognize their inherent worth. Drawing from a diverse array of transformational modalities, she has honed a coaching style that transcends conventional approaches, guiding clients towards a profound realization of their true potential.

She shares a pivotal moment that shook the very foundation of her beliefs, a poignant narrative of loss, introspection, and eventual renewal. This personal upheaval not only deepened her understanding of human connections but also became the catalyst for her own growth and healing, ultimately shaping her into the empathetic and insightful coach she is today."

You can read the full article by visiting their website!

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