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Harnessing the Power of Instinct: The Secret Weapon for Building Championship Teams

In the world of leadership and team building, understanding the intricate dynamics that propel a group toward success is crucial. It's about more than just skills or strategies; it's about tapping into the core of what makes each team member tick. Today, I want to share a story that beautifully illustrates the transformative power of leveraging instinct in team building – a narrative that not only sports enthusiasts but every leader striving for excellence can learn from.

In the early '90s, the Phoenix Suns basketball team made a decision that would mark one of the most remarkable turns in their history. This decision was influenced by the insightful recommendations of Kathy Kolbe, a name synonymous with understanding and harnessing human instincts. Kathy, without ever watching him play, saw potential in Dan Majerle, a then little-known player, predicting he would become the "toughest guy on the court." Her confidence was rooted in the Kolbe A™ Assessment, which shed light on Majerle's innate conative strengths.

The outcome? Affectionately known as "Thunder Dan," became an instrumental figure in leading the Suns to become one of the league's top teams.

Why does this story matter for today's leaders?

Because it underscores a fundamental truth: at the heart of every winning team is a synergy that stems from the right mix of natural talents and instincts.

Kathy Kolbe's work with the Suns is a testament to the impact of aligning team members' conative strengths - their natural modes of operation that dictate how they tackle tasks and challenges.

In my latest video, I talk about the Kolbe Concept and its significance for leaders seeking to build cohesive, dynamic teams. Using the analogy of a basketball team, I explore the four primary action modes identified by Kolbe and how understanding these can lead to the creation of teams where members complement and elevate one another, much like the synergy that propelled the Phoenix Suns to greatness.

The key takeaway for leaders?

Embrace the diversity of your team's instinctual strengths - and make sure they compliment one another. It's the conative mix that fuels innovation, resilience, and ultimately, success.

Whether you're leading a startup, managing a non-profit, growing a tech firm or coaching a sports team, recognizing and nurturing the innate talents of your team members is your secret weapon.

I invite you to watch my 10-minute video where I break down these concepts further, providing practical insights and analogies to help you better understand the role of each individual based on their imitating action mode.

Everyone has the capacity to be a high performer - let's explore how we can turn underdogs into champions, one instinct at a time!


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