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Harness the Healing Magic of the Virgo New Moon

The Virgo new moon arrives on September 14th, bringing a powerful opportunity for renewal and intention setting. This is the final new moon before we enter eclipse season in October, so it's the perfect time to get clear on your goals and desires.

Virgo's energy helps us analyze our habits and routines to see what needs improvement. Now is an optimal period for creating health plans, organizing your space, and implementing helpful schedules. The pragmatic earth sign encourages modest, step-by-step progress.

This lunar reset is ideal for addressing the intentions you want to manifest before the eclipses shakes things up. Take time on the Virgo new moon to get centered and set your sights on self-care.

Download the Rapid Renewal New Moon Manifestation Workbook to make the most of this intentional moon. It includes:

  • My reflections as we move into this new phase

  • A guide to tap into the energy of Virgo

  • Journal prompts tailored to Virgo's energy

  • A how-to guide to create your new moon manifestation wishes

When you download the workbook, you'll have the perfect tool for focused manifestation aligned with the pragmatic earth magic of Virgo!

This intentional moon provides ample healing energy if you tune in to... Virgo reminds us of our shared humanity and lights the way to help others through small acts of service.

Attend to your personal renewal so you can plant the seeds for your manifestations - Download the Rapid Renewal New Moon Manifestation Workbook now to make the most of this lunar opportunity.

The healing potential of Virgo is waiting for you!

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