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Harness the Adventurous Spirit of the Sagittarius New Moon with this free Manifestation Workbook!

We welcomed the bold and expansive Sagittarius New Moon today, December 12th at 6:32 a.m. EST. Not only is this a powerful 12/12 portal, but this celestial phenomenon brings with it a wave of optimism, a thirst for adventure, and a quest for truth and wisdom!

You can download my New Moon Manifestation workbook for free here you will find guidance to channel the dynamic energy of the Sagittarius moon. Set intentions that reach for the stars, focusing on your highest aspirations, exploration, and personal growth. Each exercise and journal prompt is designed to align you with the fiery and forward-moving energy of Sagittarius, encouraging you to dream big and aim high.

Let the archer's spirit inspire you to craft your goals like arrows of intention, sending them flying into the universe with precision and hope. Embrace the journey of aiming towards your dreams, fueled by the expansive and optimistic Sagittarius energy.

Under the Sagittarius New Moon, we are reminded of the power of aiming high and embracing the journey towards our goals. Use this time to focus on your aspirations, allowing the Sagittarian fire to ignite your passions and propel you forward.

Embrace the spirit of adventure and the pursuit of knowledge under this Sagittarius New Moon. Let it guide you in setting powerful intentions, exploring new horizons, and expanding your understanding of the world and yourself. Happy manifesting!

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