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Everything in life happens FOR you; how I used my personal growth tools to cope with my accident

Last night, I had a car accident that left my brand new SUV inoperable. I was driving to a friend's house when I took my eyes off the road for a second to look up her gate code, and before I knew it, I was jolted to a stop... I hit a parked car. The street was dark, and I hadn't seen it. I was devastated, in shock, and disappointed in myself. I have only had my car for two months, and now it was ruined... I haven't even made my first payment on it... ugh!

My initial reaction was the feeling of dread, sadness, anger at myself, and disappointment. I thought my husband was going to be angry with me, and I was ashamed. I parked my car, got out, and assessed the damage I caused. I realized no one was in the car, and there was no one around. I took photos and left a note on the car's front windshield.

The part of me who knows exactly what to do stepped in. I remembered the coaching tools and practices that I teach my clients in their personal growth counseling sessions with me. I knew I had to process my emotions and find the lesson in the experience. I went home, cried, and processed my feelings. This morning I woke up and asked myself, "What is this moment trying to teach me?"

I don't just teach others that everything happens FOR you; I believe it, and I live it. I knew there had to be a lesson in this experience, even though it was painful and costly. I was able to contact the driver this morning and he was so gracious and kind on the phone. He was grateful for the note I left and said, "so many people would have just taken off, so I appreciate you leaving the note." He told me that his wallet was stollen a few days ago and all of his accounts are locked up and he doesn't have his insurance card. What a week for him, right?

Over the next few days, I plan on exploring what needs to be called out of me. I'm grateful to have the tools that I do so that hard moments like these are more manageable for me to process and overcome. I do believe that everything happens for me and that I am supported. I am grateful that no one was injured and that the person who's car I hit was kind, understanding, and appreciative. I'll be journaling, meditating, and using other techniques to help me process my emotions and find the lesson in this experience.

I know that this moment happened for a reason even if I don't know what that was. Maybe it was simply to restore our faith in the kindness of humanity. Maybe we were meant to talk and one day down the road it will lead to something or maybe it is just a reminder that these are just material things. This situation may be emotionally painful and costly, but I know everything will be okay. And, I'm confident that with the tools I have, I'll be able to find that lesson and come out of this experience stronger and wiser.

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