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Embracing Change with the Capricorn New Moon: My Journey of Letting Go

As we approach the Capricorn New Moon, I am reminded that this celestial phase is not just about new beginnings, but also about the essential process of letting go to make way for the new. In my journey and through the pages of my New Moon Manifestation Workbook, I have written a letter about this theme, recognizing that releasing what no longer serves us is a crucial step towards embracing new possibilities.

For me, this period has been a profound exercise in release, especially as it pertains to significant aspects of my life – relationships, beliefs, habits, and situations. One of the most challenging experiences was coming to terms with an ambiguous relationship that lingered in my life with one of my closest people. Despite my hopes and efforts for a deeper connection, I came to the realization that the reciprocal energy I sought was absent. This led me to a pivotal decision of letting go, a decision that, though painful, was necessary for my own growth and well-being.

Letting go, as I've learned and share in my workbook, is more than just surrendering; it's an active, conscious choice to move through the discomfort and pain, to process emotions like grief and anger, and to open oneself to healing and closure. It’s about making space for new energy and opportunities that are in better alignment with our true selves.

I am grateful to be a PSYCH-K facilitator in moments like this because it offers such a gentle way of moving through pain and the limiting perceptions that often accompany the story in our heads. I was able to use the TPS balance to bring a sense of peace and non-attachment to this release and the new direction balance to rewire, "I matter and I'm important to people" because my story was that, "I obviously don't matter and I'm not important."

As the new moon rises, I invite you to join me in this introspective journey and if you need help releasing the stress from your system, don't hesitate to reach out for a Rapid Release session. It can make the healing process so much faster and easier... I know first hand!

You can begin my asking yourself:

  • Where are you holding on too tightly?

  • Are there areas in your life where you feel drained or unreciprocated?

Then, you can decide to let go. Although letting go can be painful, it is also liberating and empowering, making room for new blessings and opportunities.

This Capricorn New Moon, let’s courageously evaluate and truly release what no longer serves us. I encourage you to use my free workbook as a guide in your own ritual of release and manifestation. It’s a tool designed to help you navigate these changes with intention and clarity using the potent energy of the Capricorn new moon.

And don't forget, sometimes a good scream into a pillow in your car can be incredibly cathartic! I did that too lol.

Wishing you strength and clarity as we embrace this new lunar cycle together. Let's open our hearts to the new beginnings that await. Download my free workbook here to join me in manifesting with the New Moon.

You've got this!

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