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Using VHD.AI ChatGPT Guides for Authentic Communication: A Success Story

I wanted to share my recent interview with Mike from Amplifyer, where we talked about his experience using the VHD.AI ChatGPT guides to connect with new and old contacts on LinkedIn.

During our conversation, Mike shared how the personalized guides based on his Human Design Type and Profile helped him capture his energy and voice when communicating with others through ChatGPT. He mentioned that two parallel paths emerged, both highly productive and positive. By using the guides, he started making new connections and people were responding to his content with likes, comments, and even engagements like "Hey, maybe we should set up some time to talk." Mike was amazed to see a direct correlation between his posts and when people reached out to schedule a meeting.

Mike also mentioned how using the ChatGPT guides was a fun way to reconnect with old contacts. He received messages from people he loves but hasn't talked to in years, saying that they loved his LinkedIn posts. It was heartwarming to see that his content was bringing back old connections and starting new conversations.

Overall, Mike's experience with VHD.AI ChatGPT guides is a testament to the effectiveness of using a personalized approach to communication. By capturing his energy and voice, he was able to connect with people on a deeper level and in a more authentic way. If you're looking to improve your communication skills and connect with others effectively, I highly recommend checking out the VHD.AI ChatGPT guides!

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