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The Rapid Renegade

Guiding you down the path so you
can do less and accomplish more

because you deserve to make a big — and positive — impact with less stress! I work with individuals, leaders and teams so they can gain more energy, time, creativity and satisfaction in life and business.

Do you have the people on your team that give you the perspectives, resources and abilities to go beyond what you could do alone? 

Maximize your team's true capabilities and achieve unprecedented success with me, Victoria — your guide to a more productive, harmonious, and fulfilling work culture. Transform your leadership and team dynamics with my tailored coaching and consultation, designed to elevate your organization's efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.


Together, we'll cultivate an environment where conflicts diminish, innovation thrives and every team member's strengths are harnessed for maximum impact. Experience the power of strategic team composition and personalized leadership development to not only meet — but exceed — your mission. Step into a future where your vision is realized, your team is empowered, and your impact is magnified  — with overall less stress and more joy!

Learn more about building effective, highly-productive teams based on their natural advantage:


Victoria has this amazing talent for picking up on things left unsaid and understanding what's really going on underneath the surface. She's a great listener and supports you in transforming your whole life...

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Maleah | Owner of Inner Spiral Wellness | Florida | Rapid Rewire


Hi, I'm Victoria!

Your Mindset + Productivity Coach

You're a visionary leader on the verge of greatness, but you're feeling stuck, bombarded by challenges that keep you from focusing on what truly matters. Despite trying everything, your team dynamics and personal stress levels are not where you want them to be. You know each person brings unique strengths to the table, yet harnessing these effectively within your business remains elusive. You keep hiring people that seem like a great fit, but they:

  • fall short of expectations

  • have conflicts with other teammates

  • become disengaged

  • burn-out

  • quit or leave for job related reasons

As a Certified Kolbe Consultant and Team Specialist — and mindset master — I'm here to empower you to overcome these barriers and elevate to new heights. My goal is to transform your approach to leadership and team dynamics, leading you to a future filled with clarity, productivity, and inspiration.

I'm dedicated to empowering visionary leaders like you to quickly break through barriers and soar to new heights. If you've been feeling stuck, overwhelmed by challenges, or unable to progress beyond certain obstacles, you're in the right place! My mission is to guide you to a future where stress is minimized, focus is sharpened, and creativity is abundant.

With me, you'll unlock the secrets to assembling and nurturing a team that not only meets but exceeds expectations. We'll optimize both personal leadership and team performance and you'll discover the trick to not just hiring the right people but inspiring them — and leveraging their unique strengths — to foster a highly productive, engaged, and harmonious environment. Together, we'll navigate the complexities of team management and personal leadership, ensuring you and your team exceed your goals with ease and confidence.

Choose to work with me, and together we'll navigate the path to transformative achievements:

  • Elevating Team Productivity and Efficiency: Amplify your team's output with strategies that tap into each member's innate strengths.

  • Harmonizing Team Dynamics: Create a cohesive and collaborative atmosphere that celebrates diversity, minimizes conflict and cultivates collaboration.

  • Optimizing Personal and Team Performance: Unlock the potential within each team member and yourself, fostering a culture of excellence and productivity.

  • Streamlining Processes for Success: From recruitment to onboarding, make every hire the right hire and ensure team synergy and cooperation. 

I'll guide you in making sure your leadership sparkles, your team flourishes, and your impact deeply resonates. I'm dedicated to your success — let's turn your vision into a vivid reality!

Ready to maximize your team's true capabilities? 

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Being honest

Where are you and where do you want to be?

I want you to be honest with yourself and answer the following questions:

  • Is your business where you want it to be?

  • Do you feel like you can take time off?

  • Do you have the freedom to relax, recover and play?

  • Can your team operate seamlessly without you?

  • Is your team collaborative and supportive of each other? 

  • Are you happy, creative and connected to your purpose?

  • Are you focused on projects that you are deeply passionate about?

  • Do you wake up every day inspired, energized and motivated? 


If you answered no to any one of these questions, I want you know that there is hope! I invite you to learn more about Kolbe and how my unique approach can help you and your team achieve freedom in how to achieve the bigger vision. This is crucial because you — as a leader — need to be deeply resourced to tap into your creativity, become more energized and ultimately be the most productive you can be. You CAN achieve success but you need to know WHO can help you get there and how to lead them effectively. 


I'm just one of those WHOs! 

Working with me will empower you to gain freedom of your time, energy, money and relationships so you can expand your purpose and impact in this world. 


Here's the truth: The success of your business starts with YOU!

I empower mission-oriented visionaries increase their awareness and develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their teams so they can increase their influence and impact.


You may have an amazing vision that people are eager to support, but your businesses will never grow and scale if don't have the right team in place. Implementing the Kolbe system in a business is the first step and offers many solutions to common organizational challenges by honing in on the innate strengths of individual contributors. This research-backed, data-driven approach can transform how projects are assigned, how teams are built, and how challenges are navigated. 

Stop asking "HOW will this get done?"


Start working less and accomplishing more by implementing a new mode of operating so you can focus on "WHO" is the best person — or team — to lead the particular initiative!


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The Road to Success

As a certified Kolbe Consultant and Team Specialist — as well as a certified PSYCH-K Facilitator — I help compassionate leaders not only gain the benefit of the Kobe system, but shift the way they think and master their mindset as well.


I provide highly-valuable data and insights into HOW you do what you do, WHO you were designed to be and guide you through an implementation plan that will ultimately increase your — and your team's — efficiency, productivity and satisfaction. Each person ought to be in a position where they are making the biggest impact!

What will you walk away with? 

I help you co-champion a new dynamic — one that leads with strengths and empowers every individual to contribute with full authenticity. A strategy that will bring out each persons unique creativity allowing them to feel truly seen and incredibly valued. They will be awarded the freedom to achieve goals and complete the mission in whatever way suits them best! This results in happier, more productive people! 

What benefits will you and your team discover? 

  • Reduced Burnout and Turnover

  • Reduced Workplace Stress

  • Enhanced Team Dynamics 

  • Optimized Individual Performance

  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency

  • Improved Employee Satisfaction and Retention

  • Streamlined Recruitment and Onboarding

  • Effective Change Management

  • Customized Leadership and Development

  • Increased Innovation and Better Risk Management

  • Strategic Team Composition

For more information on the benefits of increasing your team's harmony and excellence, check out this blog!


There's no limit to the benefit you can receive from implementing Kolbe into your organization. Depending on your goals, challenges and vision, we will create a roadmap that will get you to your desired destination. As an example, you can see what a three-phase implementation plan would look like here

The Kolbe addresses common business concerns such as: 

  • Misalignment of Roles and Strengths

  • Team Tension and Conflict

  • Inefficient Team Collaboration

  • Suboptimal Productivity and Performance

  • High Stress and Burnout Rates

  • Difficulty in Managing Change

  • Ineffective Leadership and Coaching

  • Challenges in Talent Acquisition and Retention

You can read more about how a Kolbe system implementation in a business context offers a strategic advantage in addressing these concerns by visiting this blog post.

By investing in optimizing individual and team performance you will enhancing job satisfaction and foster a more accepting and empowering work culture. My consultation and the Kolbe system provides you with the tools to build resilient, high-performing teams that are well-equipped to support you in making a big and positive impact in the world — and maybe even have a little fun while doing it!!! 

Mountain Ridge

Ready to start doing less and achieving more?

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